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World’s Leading Premium Business Strategist & the Inventor of the “$100K Offer” System
How would you like to have your ideal clients reach out to you every week, ready to pay whatever price you throw at them… Because they read an article about you in their favorite publication?

It probably sounds like a fairytale to you…

But that’s exactly what we are doing.

To give you a sneak-peek… 

Over the last few weeks alone, my private clients have:
  • Got paid $250K for 3-day consultancy gigs
  • Landed $50K speaking gigs
  • Closed multi-million dollar advisory positions
...All without spending a dime on advertising

How is that possible?  Two letters:

See, while everyone else is busy looking for the latest strategy to optimize their Facebook ads or to hack YouTube’s algorithm… 

We are leveraging something that’s more powerful and trustworthy than advertising will ever be:


Stats show that 83% of consumers trust third-party articles and reviews more than content produced directly by the advertiser

And even business juggernauts like Richard Branson say that “a good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad”

...Yet for whatever reason, 90% of businesses - including your biggest competitors - are either doing it wrong or not doing it at all.


To give you an unfair advantage over your competitors and help you create visibility, credibility, and authority for your brand virtually overnight… 

By getting featured in trustworthy publications.

We are handing you our 14 best-kept PR secrets to start building your media presence and watch as your perfect clients come to you with their credit cards in their hands.

It took us years (and millions of dollars) to learn this stuff… 

But now we want you to have it for FREE.
“I Sold 250K in Luxury Offers Within a Few Weeks of Starting”
“I sold $250k from the initial $100k offer system. Now as a private client, I am confident that I’m going to create about 2 million next year and that’s the safe bet . . . I live my life for expansion and that’s what I offer my clients, so it only makes sense that I would partner up with someone who is also for expansion and taking things to the next level.”

Makhosi, the Royal Shaman

“Two Weeks In and I Made $150K in ONE Offer”
“I’ve been working as a master coach for years, with clients spread across five continents, helping people overcome emotional burnout. I love my work, but wanted to expand my reach exponentially . . . I’ve now been inside the Inner Circle for two weeks and I made an offer yesterday of $150K for 6 months of work with my dream clients. That’s just the start!”

Troy Mcteer

Here’s What You Are Going to Discover in This FREE Report
>> How to switch from “Kim Kardashian” model to “Chanel” model to start attracting high-end clients ready to pay top-dollar for your services

>> How to reach out to journalists and get them to write an amazing article about you (even if they’ve never heard of you before)

>> What to do once you land your first media placement (Hint: Getting featured on Forbes is USELESS if you don’t do this)

>> How to leverage your first feature to skyrocket your authority and close six and seven figure deals with your ideal clients

>> How to build a relationship with your “go-to” journalist and leverage this connection to get featured in other publications at will

...And much, much more.

Who Am I to Make Such Bold Claims?
If you Google my name - Kathryn Porritt - you will find countless articles describing me as: 

“The leading Premium and Luxury Offer Business Strategist in the world”

(Yes, I accomplished that using the 14 PR secrets you are about to discover)

I’m also the founder and CEO of Luxury Influencers: 

A full strategy and marketing company that helps entrepreneurs build bigger-than-life personal brands… Create 100k, 500k, and even million-dollar offers... And ultimately become the #1 brand in their space.

I’ve helped hundreds of mavericks like you start getting paid what they are truly worth by changing their positioning and helping them create & sell their first $100K+ offer.

Their results speak louder than words:

Here Are MORE Real Results From People Just Like YOU!

My Business Has Completely Transformed

Kathryn’s a ninja. She’s Superwoman. She just gets it. She spends time thinking about you as a client, she has amazing ideas, and she sees you, gets you and sees you more than you see yourself. It’s a huge trust process handing everything over to her, but I felt so safe with Kathryn and her team. In just three short months, my business has completely transformed. It’s been the most wonderful experience I’ve had in business.

Anna Anderson, Anna Anderson Inc.

"The Best in the Marketing Business"
“Kathryn is the best marketing mind that I have ever worked with in 25 years of running businesses.  Business Bravery helped us increase our sales by over 50% versus last year with this strategy so far in 2021. By the time our sales are done for the year, I expect our sales performance to exceed 100%. We were stuck in the mud in terms of desired growth, only emphasizing social media campaigns. She did this with her focused approach on our avatar customer and creative marketing strategies we actually felt great about, rather than asking us to raise our game on social media platforms. Super refreshing after years of getting the opposite advice form marketing firms that could not move the needle."

Eric Lochtefeld, Bliss Champions

"Within Weeks I Sold $100K."
Kathryn was the first person who saw me for everything I could be. Within weeks, I got really confident and I sold 2 x 50K packages, and it’s skyrocketed from there. I didn’t have to worry about horrible sales calls any more. I was finally so aligned with who I am and the pricing is exactly where I want to be - what I know I’m worth. I’m now sitting back on the beach, literally creating the business of my dreams with money coming in. It’s like “wow, this is the life I always wanted to live.” It’s perfect, thank you.


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