If You Already Have A High-Ticket Offer, Have You Ever Thought About Selling It For An Ultra-Premium Price?



Time-Sensitive INFORMATION From Kathryn Porritt,

World’s Leading Luxury Business Strategist & the Innovator behind "The Laws of Luxury" System
If you're a coach, a consultant, or simply an expert in your field… 

And you want to grow a truly impactful business that’s going to transform lives, rather than just make you a living… 

Then this can be a bonafide game-changer for you.

My clients and I are selling $100K Offers to our luxury-level clients and we have moved on from high-ticket for good.

Using what I call the Laws of Luxury, we are using a top down approach to business strategy rather than the mainstream bottom up approach. This means, no more starting from the bottom and working your way up. Instead, this sophisticated strategy has you leveraging you authority to start at the top, create Elite-Priced Offers, then move to a scalable model from there with plenty of time, money and authority to grow your dream business.
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My clients are selling the SAME Offers, but in lieu of High-Ticket, they've shifted focus to an Ultra-Premium tier of pricing for their products.:
  • Consultancy projects
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Board and advisory positions
  • Private coaching retainers
  • Product development
  • Retreats and virtual intensives
  • Brand collaborations
  • and so many more ways... 
...All leveraging their expertise using a luxury business strategy.
Now, you don't have to be a luxury business now to make this work
While I will show you how we leverage a luxury business model, it does not mean you have to be a luxury business to make this work.

I work with clients across all sorts of niches from business and wealth to relationships, consciousness and health.

In my experience, there will be a luxury approach for each niche... we just need to find it and then use those Laws of Luxury to market to that small but very impactful group.

So, Subject Matter Experts, I need your full attention.

If you have already experienced success in your niche but know there is more to achieve...

If you love a brave and maverick approach to marketing that is elegant, wise and impactful...

Then, this report is a wonderful place for you to start exploring the world of Ultra-Premium Offers guided by the Laws of Luxury.
Who Am I to Talk about Luxury Business strategies?
My name is Kathryn Porritt, and I have made a living from thinking big.

I took my first business (15 years ago now) to multi-millions

I became one of the most celebrated lifestyle entrepreneurs in Australia

I wrote a book for Penguin/ Viking

I had a following of over 300,000 people

I sold my business, went on to help another one sell for $75M and then doubled another multi-million dollar business

All by refusing to think small.

More recently, I launched the Luxury Influencers agency, which represents some of the most exciting personal brands around.  We are a full strategy and marketing company that helps entrepreneurs build bigger-than-life personal brands… Create 100k, 500k, and even million-dollar offers... And ultimately become the #1 brand in their space.

I’ve helped hundreds of mavericks like create & sell their first $100K+ offer, and then grow their business from there.

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